Steel Strapping Kit

Being the strongest of strapping materials, steel straps require special seals and tools to securely band and bundle heavy loads.  Our steel strapping kits offer a choice of high quality and high strength metal seals for steel strapping.  Our range of steel strapping kits and tools includes two types of steel seals: lap over seals and snap on seals which vary in sizes.  For hassle free seal and steel strapping application, there is a selection of strapping tensioners and strapping sealers. J4 Packaging supplies the best in steel strapping kits at great prices with wholesale discounts available for quantity orders.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Please contact our Birmingham warehouse on 0121 558 6600, our packaging specialists will be able to best advise you on strapping products and set up bespoke pricing for Trade inquiries.

  • Lap over Seals

    Lap over metal seals for steel strappingMetal overlap seals for heavy duty applications and industrial uses. BOX OF 2000LAP19-SG
  • Steel Strapping Cutter

    Steel strapping cutter. Ideal for use with TLS20, FP, and FPH tensioners for cutting steel strapping from the dispenser. ssc04
  • Steel Strapping Tensioner

    For steel up to 19mmFor round and irregular strapping TLS20