Standard Packing Tape

The range of economic packing tape consists of most popular cheap and cost effective packing tape. These are the standard clear and brown packing tape, which varying in width and length. Standard packing tape can be used for sealing boxes, securing bubble wrapped goods, also it is useful around the house to seal presents, fix torn paper and much more. For companies packaging many boxes, cost effective packing tape is a must. It is budget friendly and it will last for a long time because our range of packaging tape comes in a box of 36 or 72.

  • Clear Tape 19mm x 66m

    Narrow 19mmx66m sticky tape for various purposes. Ideal for securing small boxes, gifts and bundling irregular shape items.96 rolls of tape per box.
  • Clear Tape 25mm x 66m

    Sticky clear tape for general uses. Narrow width of 25mm ensures that this clear packing tape is suitable for sealing small boxes or other containers and products.72 rolls ber box
  • Standard Tape 48mm x 66m

    Our best selling and most popular tape for sealing cartons, packages and other uses. Standard core packaging tape is ideal to use with a tape dispenser. 6 rolls per pack