J4 Packaging are a leading wholesale supplier of packaging and hygiene cleaning products to the industry. Our hygiene range provides high quality products for companies in need of protective and cleaning solutions.

Our range of Hygiene Products for your all your Regulatory needs

Our range of products include bespoke offers for items such as hygiene masks, latex gloves, vinyl gloves, paper towels and wiping rags. We offer nationwide delivery on all of our products with wholesale discount available for quantity orders.

We stock an array of hygiene products including face protection which is necessary in many work environments. Within dusty warehouses or hospitals wearing a face mask is important for compliance with health and safety rules.

Our range of disposable gloves include powder free latex gloves and powder free vinyl gloves. These disposable gloves are cost effective and suitable for medical use or for cleaning. Our latex gloves also have great dexterity and are resistance to tearing.

Our selection of vinyl gloves are ideal for people who are allergic to latex and can also be used for a wide variety of tasks.  To help keep the work environment hygienic we also offer discounts for cleaning materials such as mixed wiping rags which are ideal for mopping up spills of water or oil. A complete range of our hygiene products can be found on our online store to order right away.

Open to the Trade and Public

We offer wholesale discounts for quantity orders on all of our products, simply call our Birmingham office on 0121 558 6600 and one of our team of specialist will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

  • Green C Fold Hand Towels

    Green 1 Ply C Fold Hand Towels, Pack of 2400 towels (15 sleeves of 160) Green C Fold 1 Ply Paper Hand Towels. Ideal for cleaning and drying quickly. Can be easily pulled one or more sheets of paper from the paper towel dispenser.
  • Hygiene Mask

    Box of 50 Disposable Hygiene Face Masks. High quality Hygiene face mask. Face mask is safe to use for prevention of flu. Also face mask is widely used in many industrial enviroments. And this hygiene mask provides protection and comfortable wear.
  • Powderfree Latex Gloves

    100% latex gloves, Powder-Free. These gloves are AQL 1.5 made to a higher standard than industrial gloves. Packed in boxes of 100 gloves. Powder free latex gloves. Micro textured gloves for better grip and handling comfort. Disposable latex gloves are ideal for many purposes either cleaning washing or even food handling. Beaded cuff latex gloves. (10 packs per case)
  • Powderfree Vinyl Gloves

    Pack of 100 Powder Free Disposable Gloves, Suitable For: Cleaning, Car Mechanics, Painting And Decorating, Powderfree Vinyl Gloves. Latex free. Powder free. High quality polyvinyl chloride gloves. Vinyl gloves ideal for many every day task including cleaning and washing. Beaded cuff powder free gloves. (1 case = 10 packs per case)
  • Toilet Rolls 36 per pack

    2 ply standard toilet rolls 320 sheets per roll.   pack of 36
  • Wiping Rags Mixed Bag

    Mixed rags 10kg bag. Mixed bag of wiping rags. Wiping rags come in different colours. Ideal for general purpose cleaning, Ideal for home cleaning, and garage, industrial or commercial purpose cleaning.