Reinforced Filament Tape

For anyone handling heavy loads you will find regular cello tape is simply not good enough. J4 Packaging offer a range of reinforced filament tapes including monoweave filament tape and crossweave filament reinforced tape for all your heavy duty packaging needs.

  • Reinforced filament tape is extremely tough and has strong adhesive capabilities making it ideal heavy duty use.
  • Ideal for securing heavy items such as pallets or large product bundles.
  • Filament tape features glass fibres running within the tape to give the added strength and cannot be cut by hand alone.
  • Reinforced monoweave filament tape is made up of fibre reinforcements that run only the length of the tape.
  • Reinforced crossweave filament tape is made up of fibre reinforcements that not only run across the tape but are also the entire length to give additional strength.
  • The adhesive side sticks to all paper, uneven surfaces and even sticks to fabrics.

Reinforced Filament Tape at Wholesale Prices

We offer wholesale discounts for quantity orders on a range of our packaging products, why not give us a call on 0121 558 6600 for your FREE quotation today. Our Birmingham offices are open from Monday to Friday 8:00am till 5:00pm, our team of specialist are available to negotiate bulk order discounts and much more.

  • Crossweave Tape

    Synthetic rubber-resin adhesiveHigh bond strengthOptimum tear resistanceLateral and longitudinal glassfibre reinforcementAvailable in a range of widths from 12-75mm50mtr length
  • Monoweave Tape

    50m lengthExtremely strong heavy duty sealing tape. Mono weave continuous glass fibres across the roll with strong adhesive ideal for heavy duty sealing, reinforcing and bundling.19mm - 36 rolls per box 25mm - 36 rolls per box 50mm - 18 rolls per box