What Packaging Materials Are Biodegradable & Recyclable?

As businesses, politicians and the general public become increasingly aware of the need to change our behaviours for the sake of the planet, one of the most urgent issues that surfaces again and again is how we deal with our household and commercial waste. Much of this waste is packaging. Packaging materials are an integral aspect of our everyday lives. From food packaging to the packaging of consumer products such as electrical goods, children’s toys, household items and furniture, almost [...]

Packing when moving house

We know moving house is stressful and one of the biggest single tasks is safely packing all your valuables and belongings and then unpacking at the other end. Your task can be made a little less stressful and possibly cheaper thanks to a little planning. It is worth mentioning that the cost of moving house can vary a lot depending if you will be doing it yourself or if you are going to hire a specialist company and finally, [...]