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  • Imitation Kraft Paper 1150mm x 200m

    Low cost Imitation Kraft Paper Roll 1150mm x 200m made from recycled fibres, allternative to other packing paper. Cheap packing wrapping paper

    £17.94 (Incl. VAT)
  • Imitation Kraft Paper 600mm x 200m

    Low cost Imitation Kraft Paper Roll 600mm x 200m made from recycled fibres, allternative to other packing paper. Cheap packing wrapping paper

    £10.74 (Incl. VAT)
  • Imitation Kraft Paper 900mm x 200m

    Our best selling imitation kraft paper. Low cost Imitation Kraft Paper Roll 900mm x 200m made from recycled fibres, allternative to other packing paper. Cheap packing wrapping paper

    £15.54 (Incl. VAT)

What are Kraft paper bags?

Kraft is the name of the process by which Kraft paper is made. The process was invented in the late 19th century by Carl F. Dhal in Germany, and literally translates to the German word for “strength”. This perfectly described the resultant paper which is primarily made from wood pulp.

Kraft paper is now widely used for a number of packaging and postage tasks, high quality and often brown coloured kraft paper is commonly used in a number of products. Kraft paper is free of hazards normally found within plastic packaging whilst offering high tensile strength, breathability and elasticity.

Here are some of the products where Kraft paper is commonly used:

Kraft paper is widely used for making envelopes.
Kraft paper is an ideal solution where plastic bags are not suitable, a few examples are paper sacks for food ie flour bags, cement bags and bags for powder chemicals.
Kraft paper is commonly used for paper grocery bags.
Did you know, Kraft paper is also used as the base of sandpaper?
Kraft paper is also used as decorative wrapping for flowers
Kraft paper is commonly used for gift wrapping

Versatile Kraft Paper roll

J4 Packaging stock three types of packaging paper to choose from, real pure kraft paper, kraft union paper and the more cost effective alternative, imitation kraft paper.

Kraft paper is a strong, smooth brown paper which is environment friendly and an ideal packaging product, particularly when you have a lot of goods to send out.  Due to its elasticity and high tear resistance it is widely used as a cost effective packaging solution for a wide range of goods.

This product is an excellent choice for wrapping parcels and packages. It is also an ideal option for gift wrapping to give your gifts a unique, neutral and professional look. Items wrapped in kraft paper can be sent by post as it is Post Office approved giving you complete peace of mind that your items will reach their destination without any issue.

Environmentally friendly Kraft Paper

As you can see Kraft paper has a wide range of uses both domestically and commercially. We would always recommend disposing of used Kraft paper in a resposible way, although Kraft paper is biodegradable you should either recycle or reuse where possible. Compared to plastic packaging alternatives that are a notoriously difficult to sort and recycle, using and recycling Kraft paper instead can help protect our precious environment.

Although Kraft paper is 100% biodegradable it can be recycled many times over, its long fibres which give it tensile strength are ideal for recycling over and over again.

We stock the following types of Kraft paper:

Imitation Kraft paper, this paper features a ribbed finish and is manufactured from recycled fibres. This is a cheaper, more cost effective solution to pure kraft paper and is widely used in the industry for large volumes of light to medium duty packing such as parcels. Imitation Kraft paper is supplied on roll measuring two hundred (200) metres long and available in the following lengths; 1150mm wide, 600mm wide and 900mm wide.

Union Kraft Paper is a water resistant packaging paper and is available in various sizes. Union Kraft paper is unique in that two layers of Kraft paper sandwich a layer of bitumen to create a water resistant barrier. Union Kraft paper is ideal for moisture protection whilst offering good impact protection and can be cut to fit almost any size package or container.

Pure Kraft Paper is the original brown wrapping paper, unbleached and natural. Often referred to as pure brown kraft paper this paper is made entirely from wood pulp and offers strength and durability. Often used with acid free paper for wrapping expensive paintings, pure kraft paper is used in a multitude of industries where presentation and quality packaging is a must.

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