Small Bubble Wrap

100m Wide Small Bubble
Made with bubbles that are 10mm in diameter.
Extremely lightweight and durable, ensures that the products packed stays undamaged.

UK manufactured.


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895-1300mm x 100m
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895-51000mm x 100m
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Bubble wrap rolls provide all the essential packaging needs, making it one of the most popular packaging solutions used by many different industries and companies.

Bubble wrap rolls are extremely lightweight, flexible and provide strong protection against shock, vibration and abrasion. They are also reusable as they can still be applied even after being unwrapped making it excellent value for money when compared to other packaging materials. It can be used in a range of applications such as providing surface protection and interleaving to cushioning and void filling when required.

Our bubble wraps are made of high-quality material and provide air retention to secure the packed item, so it stays intact during transit or storage.

Small bubble wrap is ideal for packaging small, fragile and delicate items such as smaller size boxes, books, jewellery, electronics and many more.

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