Low Noise Tape 48mm x 66m

Low Noise Tape 48mm x 66m

Low noise brown or clear packing tape 48mm x 66m

Silent dispensing makes this tape a great choice to use in workplaces such as offices.
Strong adhesive ensures that packed products are well secured during transit.


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Do you know the difference between low noise tape and any other regular tape? It is similar to standard  packaging tape in the sense that buyers can use it for sealing boxes, bundling items, sealing bubble wrapped products and much more. However, what makes this tape unique is that it is made of special material which reduces noise during application. this type of tape is crucial if you’re working in environments where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum like offices, confined spaces or where a lot of tape is used.

  • Low noise polypropylene packaging tape works well in either cold or hot environments.
  • It is tear resistant and sticks well to many surfaces especially paper or cardboard.

Wholesale discounts and Nationwide delivery on Low Noise Packing Tape

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