250g Layflat Tubing

£6.40 (Excl. VAT)

250g Layflat Tubing

Approx. 330m per roll

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500g Layflat Tubing

Our Layflat tubing comes in 3 different thickness: 120g (light duty), 250g (medium duty) and 500g (heavy duty).

Polythene Layflat Tubing is an incredibly simple but strong and effective budget packaging solution with great flexibility. Customers use layflat Tubing to make custom size bags to protect their goods from dirt, dust and water. They can be sealed professionally using a heat sealer, or alternatively they can be stapled, taped or tied up. Our layflat tubing comes on a roll and provides easy and flexible dispensing, it is also very durable, therefore ideal for packing bigger, heavier products. It protects the goods from dust and dirt and is waterproof. Layflat Tubing is a very popular packaging solution widely used by various industries in factories and warehouses.

You can pack items such as rolled up blinds, carpets, posters and much more using the larger polythene layflat tubing. Use the smaller sizes of polythene layflat tubing for packing smaller items such as food products, various accessories, bolts and many more.

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Please note that the width of the polythene tubing is measured when laid flat.

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