Kraft Paper

J4 Packaging are a leading wholesale supplier of packaging supplies to the industry. We offer a huge range of products including Kraft paper at unbelievable rates for both businesses and individuals. We offer Nationwide delivery on all of our online products without compromise on price, quality and service.

Versatile Kraft Paper roll

J4 Packaging stock three types of packaging paper to choose from, real pure kraft paper, kraft union paper and the more cost effective alternative, imitation kraft paper.

Kraft paper is a strong, smooth brown paper which is environment friendly and an ideal packaging product, particularly when you have a lot of goods to send out.  Due to its elasticity and high tear resistance it is widely used as a cost effective packaging solution for a wide range of goods.

This product is an excellent choice for wrapping parcels and packages. It is also an ideal option for gift wrapping to give your gifts a unique, neutral and professional look. Items wrapped in kraft paper can be sent by post as it is Post Office approved giving you complete peace of mind that your items will reach their destination without any issue.

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