Edge Protectors

To reinforce the inside or outside of boxes particularly fragile corners you will need edge protectors and at J4 Packaging, we offer a selection of edge protectors made from different materials, such as, recyclable cardboard protectors, plastic edge protectors or softer foam edge protectors.
The corners of a box tend to take the brunt or damage during transit and our corner protectors offer the best solution to this problem.  They can be applied vertically or horizontally to secure boxes as well as pallets or certain objects.
Used together with strapping or stretch film, edge protectors can ensure that your parcel stays intact during transit.

  • Cardboard Edge Protectors

    Cardboard Edge protectors 1000mm x 35 x 35 x 3mm (pack of 25). Solid cardboard packaging material for protecting edges of items or reinforcing boxes and pallets either from inside or outside.