Protective Packaging

Every business dealing with logistics, packaging, sealing, deliveries or handling of various items require protective packaging, and at J4 Packaging you will find all the packaging material you require, at great prices.
Our comprehensive range of protective packaging includes: acid free tissues, bubble wrap (both large bubble wrap and small bubble wrap), corrugated paper rolls, loose fill, kraft paper and much, much more.
There are various applications for all of the protective packaging we have on offer; it just depends   on what your requirements are.  For example, the most popular of our packing materials, versatile bubble wrap comes in either a small bubble wrap, which is ideal for wrapping and protecting smaller items, or used for void filling inside boxes, or large bubble Wrap which is more suited for bigger, heavier items, or fragile items that require more cushioning and shock resistance.
For a cheaper and more environment friendly packaging material, try our corrugated paper roll and kraft paper. Both of them are ideal for filling empty spaces inside boxes where goods could shift in transit, or for layering stacked items to protect their surfaces.
Loose fill peanuts are especially useful for filling in empty space within a box providing protection for the goods inside the box. This can be especially effective for sending multiple small items in one large box.
Our foam roll is the ideal choice for layering and wrapping delicate items. Its specially designed foam material is lightweight yet strong enough to protect a product and its surface from scratches and damage, while offering shock absorption.  Our foam rolls vary in thickness, from the thinnest of foam rolls, to give layered protection from damage and abrasions, to the thickest of foam rolls for seriously tough protection.  
J4 packaging’s online store has every packaging solution you require at affordable prices, offering great discounts for those who buy in large quantities. Whether your company requires bubble wrap, biodegradable loose fill packing peanuts, edge protectors or a foam roll, here at J4 Packaging we have the solution you need