Printed Warning Tapes - Fragile Tape

Multi-purpose printed warning tapes (fragile tape) is ideal for sealing boxes containing fragile items. Our range of warning printed labels is made of high-quality material in a pre-printed high visibility red coloured text. The warning label tape come in three different warning texts: “Handle with care” tape, “caution” tape and “fragile” tape. Warning tape works as a regular sealing tape and as a warning label making this range of tape very versatile.

Commonly customers want to make a hazardous area not only safe for pedestrian traffic but also highlighted a risk area,  customers usually prefer to do this by using warning text. Bespoke print onto safety grip requires a minimum order volume, J4 Packaging decided that the best way to not disappoint customers would be to create a standard print that would cover most of the requests which we receive; these are “Handle with care” tape, “caution” tape and “fragile”. We deliver from our Birmingham warehouse to anywhere in the UK.