Surface Equipment

J4 Packaging not only sells packaging materials, but also cleaning materials.  All the necessary products for cleaning surfaces are under our range of surface equipment.  Our extensive range includes products such as mixed wiping rags for cleaning various spills, hand towels for hand drying or cleaning, and toilet rolls for restrooms.  These products can be used for many cleaning, mopping and drying purposes.  One of our best and most versatile surface cleaning materials – wiping rags, are cheap and ideal for mopping spills of oil, dirt or water, for cleaning delicate surfaces and they can also be used more than once, making them a low cost, economical cleaning cloth.

  • Green C Fold Hand Towels

    Green 1 Ply C Fold Hand Towels, Pack of 2400 towels (15 sleeves of 160) Green C Fold 1 Ply Paper Hand Towels. Ideal for cleaning and drying quickly. Can be easily pulled one or more sheets of paper from the paper towel dispenser.

  • Toilet Rolls 36 per pack

    36 rolls per pack

  • Wiping Rags Mixed Bag

    Mixed rags 10kg bag. Mixed bag of wiping rags. Wiping rags come in different colours. Ideal for general purpose cleaning, Ideal for home cleaning, and garage, industrial or commercial purpose cleaning.