Vinyl Gloves

Powder free vinyl gloves are the alternative to latex gloves for people suffering from latex allergies.  These gloves are comfortable to wear and suitable for many uses, either around the house, in factories, warehouses, gardens or medical facilities.  Latex free disposable gloves have a smooth finish and protect hands from scratches, water or chemicals; therefore they are widely used by cleaning companies.  J4 Packaging supplies you with the range of disposable gloves at great prices and large quantities per box.

  • Powderfree Vinyl Gloves

    Pack of 100 Powder Free Disposable Gloves, Suitable For: Cleaning, Car Mechanics, Painting And Decorating, Powderfree Vinyl Gloves. Latex free. Powder free. High quality polyvinyl chloride gloves. Vinyl gloves ideal for many every day task including cleaning and washing. Beaded cuff powder free gloves. (1 case = 10 packs per case)